Personal Addition #28 – Exploring Toronto!

This was the day we saw Toronto! We started off with a walking tour near Chinatown, where the guide showed us some of the amazing legal graffiti in the area, and taught us a whole bunch of stuff about Toronto’s culture.


Then he led us to Kensington Markets which has a huge variety of cultures, vintage shops, and a great cafe called Rasta Pasta which was a combination of Italian and Jamaican cuisine and very delicious!


It was awfully hot while we walked to the CN Tower, but with aching feet I managed to make it there on time, without getting lost in Chinatown. The views from the tower are incredible, and I also sat on the glass floor which looks directly down onto the street below!



^ Jo, Rebecca and I on the glass floor.

That evening we went on a smooth boat tour around Toronto Island, where we also ate pizza, and danced on the deck while the sun set. When we returned to the city at dusk, a large group of us walked to the cinema to see Pitch Perfect 2, which was very entertaining, after which we dashed to catch the train back to the hotel.

P1020671 P1020669P1020672


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